Do Tran construction. You need to read this!

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Do Tran construction, DO NOT USE THIS GUY. Do Tran came to my house and I told him what I wanted to do. I gave him half of the money first and when he was almost done I gave him the rest. I thought he was going to put the security bars back up like I said in the beginning, but at the end he said he wouldn't do it because it doesn't look nice and it was impossible. I continued to tell him to re-install it, and he would not. He then left and that was the last I saw him.

I even called him, but he never answered because he was familiar with my phone number. Then one day I came across his comercial, and I have to admit it got me kind of heated. So I called from a different phone number, he picked up, I told him that I still needed those security bars re-installed and he and just hangs up.

Also, I even watched him and his two guys work, and lets just say some of my things went missing.

I would NEVER recommend this guy to anyone.

Review about: Remodeling.



I recommend to get BBB involved so we can have both sides of story.


Do Not Say something just to insult someone because you dislike something.take this off because this was ***.

you do not have any prove.this only make you a bad person not anyone else

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